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Cashapp payment gateway for woocommerce

I created a woocommerce plugin that allows one to accept cashapp payments.  Its a very, very simple plugin.  When your customers pay you its not marked as paid automatically, I’m unaware of any kind of cashapp API so you must check your cashapp balance manually to see if you’ve been paid or not.  A note is displayed to your customers telling them to put their order id in the notes, but they don’t always do this…. if they don’t use the same name on your site to place an order as they use in cashapp, it can be very difficult to determine who’s paid you… its not ideal that’s for sure, but it gets the job done and if your customers actually put their order numbers in the notes then its rather easy to manage as long as you don’t get hundreds of orders a day.

I’m going to upload it to github, because I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to submit it to the official wordpress people… they are extremely anal about every little stupid thing possible.  First it was because I used woocommerce in the name of the plugin… second and third rejections were bascially because of the same reason. I tried again a year later, and now its being rejected because I put a link to this website in the readme but I didn’t use a email address to submit it.  So they want me to create a email address, then create a new wordpress account with it, then submit it yet again.  Fuck that.