Hello! Welcome to my blog and web presence. Here you should find some useful (if not at least interesting) content, along with digital and hard world things to purchase. I imagine it will be mostly comprised of programming tips, tutorials, and examples of work I’ve done, links to my android apps, and anything I have for sale. Please, feel free to comment and link to me, and I will do the same. Special thanks goes out to all the geeks on the net who have helped me out over the years, and still continue to do so. I would have probably never gotten as far as I have in my various projects without your help.

This website will also serve as landing page for any apps or whatnot I release, and anything done by Stonebridge Research & Development, for the next 10 years at least.

Oh and just added a community forums plugin, very dead at the moment, but you alone can change that! Please suggest some forum classifications to create and some topics, please! 🙂

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